Your body knows how to heal...

                      and the best medicine is prevention!




Free yourself from chronic pain, and tension, digestive disorders, symptoms of autoimmune conditions, anxiety, depression and many other common ailments.

Enjoy the benefits of clearer thinking, improved energy levels and ease in the body.

Cultivate restful sleep, improved mood, enhanced immunity and efficient digestion, as well as greater ability to handle and recover from stress!


Whether you are looking for more balance and well-being in your life, enhanced energy levels, relief from a painful condition, support in recovering from trauma, or simply want a way to manage stress and feel better in a lot of little ways...

Acupuncture can help you reach your goals.


Go from surviving... to thriving!


If your condition could benefit, your practitioner will suggest herbal treatment. Herbal medicine can be used in combination with acupuncture treatment, or as a stand-alone self care plan.


Herbal formulas are individually formulated to address your specific condition. They are available in raw form (dried leaves, barks, roots to be cooked at home and taken as a daily tea), in granule form (concentrated powder to be mixed with hot water and taken as tea), or in convenient capsule or pill form. Prescriptions are typically filled by Kamwo, a local Chinese herbal pharmacy in Manhattan, NYC.

Herbal medicine developed in a time when humans lived inseparably with nature and its seasons- every ancient culture around the world has sought remedies from the plant world. Continuing from its origins well over 3000 years ago in pre-historic China, and still being fine tuned and developed by practitioners around the world, Chinese herbology thrives and is still widely used today due to its effectiveness and gentleness.  The materia medica of hundreds of medicinals are combined in countless variations of formulas which have been developed by herbalists throughout the millenia, to cure a great variety of conditions.


Body, mind and spirit...

Plant aromatics have been centrally important to civilizations throughout history, from the incense and flowers used in religious rituals and ceremonies, to spices in traditional cooking, to perfumes to adorn our bodies and uplift our moods. 

When placed on the skin, the plant aromatic compounds enter the blood stream right away and interact with body chemistry, immediately uplifting the mood and creating healing effects in the body and mind.  Essential oils have a special affinity for the emotional body and can immediately shift brain chemistry. 


Aroma-point therapy has the benefit of integrating Chinese medicine theory and traditional wisdom with the profound therapeutic power of essential oils. The aromas gently, yet powerfully create avenues for healing transformation, restoration, and deep relaxation. 


During treatment, essential oils are applied directly to the skin (diluted or full strength) over strategic acupoints on the body. Using fingertips or cotton swabs, the points are held lightly for varying lengths of time.  In my clinic I use only highest quality, therapeutic grade oils, sourced responsibly and produced by artisans using mainly traditional methods.

From our origins in prehistory, up to today, humans have depended on plants for all the basics of our survival and culture.  Plants are living beings that provide many basic things for us, and they have been our friends and allies throughout the eons.
Plants produce aromatic compounds for a variety of reasons- for protection against fungus and bacteria, to communicate with other plants, and with other species, for example to attract pollinators or to repel damaging insects.
Essential oils (EOs) are the extracted aromatic compounds of our plant allies, taken from the whole plant or from specific parts of the plant such as the flower, leaf or root.

It takes a great quantity of plant material, often a whole roomful, to create one tiny bottle of essential oil. A well-extracted oil contains the full range of aromatics from the plant.  It is extremely concentrated and can be said to contain the personality or "spirit" of the plant. 

Joanne Hsieh, LAc 

Licensed Acupuncturist

Certified Herbalist